Viola Brands available in-store

Acoustic Viola

The viola is a string instrument that is played with a bow or pizzicato. It is slightly larger than a violin and has a lower and deeper sound. It is the middle or alto voice of the violin family, between the violin (which is tuned a perfect fifth above) and the cello (which is tuned an octave below). The strings from low to high are typically tuned to C3, G3, D4 and A4. The viola is similar in material and construction to the violin. A full-size viola’s body is between 38 and 46 cm [15–18 in]), with an average length of 41 cm (16 in). Music that is written for the viola differs from that of most other instruments as it primarily uses the alto clef, which is otherwise rarely used.

Electric Acoustic Viola

The Realist Violin / viola is a 5 string instrument,,made from Carpathian spruce, The input jack is carefully built into the back, The built-in Realist Transducer delivers all the natural lustre of the instrument’s true sound. The instrument retains its organic qualities when amplified or acoustic, therefore there’s no need for the player to adapt. 


  • Rosin
  • Cases
  • Bows as shown below from basic to German Imported Knoll Bows
  • Stands
  • Sheetmusic