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Musica History

More than just a music store, Musica opened its doors in March 1984. Its intention was to exclusively market & distribute the Allen Computer Organ, as it was then known. Allen was the first music instrument maker to exploit the burgeoning digital music domain.

We are proud that every Sunday, throughout South Africa, these organs are uniting congregations in song & praise. Allens are found in cathedrals, homes, churches, chapels, and concert halls.

The Allen legacy had yet another mission, and that is to provide the foundation for a general music store that would serve the Pretoria and beyond for over thirty years. We are particularly proud of the many professional & highly accomplished musicians we feel would not have had access to music had it not been for the broad approach of Musica and its dedicated staff through many years.

Beside being a home to Allen Organs, today Musica is an importer & distributor also of Kawai Pianos, one of the most revered piano brands world wide. These high quality instruments are supplied to music academies, universities, concert halls, and have provided the foundation for many of our leading artists.

So from a small store the size of a double garage, Musica services much of the classical & broader music needs of Pretoria and beyond: schools & universities, churches, homes, studios & concert halls.

It feeds the soul. It makes our lives better. Thank you to all whom we serve. Thank you for the Music.

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