Guitar Amps & Pedals

Some of the brands of amps & pedals we carry in-store

Guitar Amps

Guitar amps are basically cabinets with an amplifier and speaker built in to amplify the sound created by the pick-up on the electric guitar or bass.

You get 4 types of amplifiers, although we mostly use solid state amps. Valve or tube amplifiers are still most musician’s dream. It produces a more dynamic musical tone with your playing style. The Solid state amps use transistors and printed boards making it quite affordable. The Hybrid amp is a good combination of the two amps mentioned above. Last but not least is the digital modelling amp, the modern approach, creates different amp sounds through computer modelling.

Ibanez TSA30 Tube Screamer 30 watt Valve Guitar Amplifier Combo
Marshall Code 100 Guitar Amplifier Digital Modelling Amp.Set the stage alight with 100 presets, this 100W combo is fully programmable so you can perform anything, anywhere. Want to keep unlocking your creativity on the road, edit on the go by connecting to your phone or computer.

Boss The acoustic singer amp with vibrant sound and unmatched punch and clarity. Independent channels are provided for acoustic guitar and vocal, and each is equipped with discrete analog input circuits and three-band EQ for studio-quality sound.
Hartke HD75 Bass Combo packs Hartke’s patented HyDrive speaker technology into a sleek combo design. The HD75 also maintains Hartke’s commitment to producing high-quality bass amplification with exceptional durability.

Guitar Pedals

The Zoom B1 FOUR and B1X FOUR take your low-end to new heights with over 70 effects and amp models, looper and a built-in rhythm section. Plus, access ZOOM Guitar Lab’s additional library of downloadable effects.
Boss BD-2 Blues Driver Pedal The perfect Tone For Blues The BD-2 Blues Driver delivers the creamy, yet crunchy sound associated with great blues guitar. This popular pedal provides instant access to the kind of warm overdrive and emotive distortion usually reserved for 30-year-old tube amps.

Effect pedals usually take the form of a small metal box which sit on the floor in front of you. These can be switched on and off using your feet (hence the term pedal). The technology contained within these pedals is designed to alter your tone in a number of ways. For example: distortion, looping, delay, wah-wah, etc. You also get multi effects pedals which combines many effects in one box. More details are available on the different types of effects at

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