Brands of recorders we carry in-store

Recorders are of the earliest wind instruments and the forerunners of the modern flute. The musical instrument was referred to a a recorder in 1388. It was listed as a part of the Earl of Derby ( later King Henry IV) household. You play the recorder by blowing directly into the mouthpiece, and then shortening or lengtheningĀ theĀ pipe by closing or opening the holes that are on the flute. The fipple is a small wooden block in the mouthpiece directing the air flow. Recorders come in a number of sizes; descant, treble, tenor, and bass. These roughly correspond to the four principal voices: soprano, alto, tenor and bass.

Plastic soprano recorders are currently the most popular for beginners. They’re easy to look after and available in different colours. Adept players may prefer wooden instruments which need more attention as they are sensitive to temperature and humidity variances, and need to be oiled regularly.





Bass Recorder


  • Cleaners
  • Thumb rests
  • Cork grease
  • Sheet Music