School Percussion

Research indicates that there is a real benefit in providing children with some form of musical education. Not only does musical training make for happier, healthier, more confident and higher achieving adults, it also provides us with the musicians of the future. There are now over a 100 neuroimaging studies showing that music activates multiple brain networks during music listening, responding and performance. As a result, when we compare musicians and non-musicians there are substantial differences in size, shape, density, connectivity, and functional activity that occur extensively throughout the musicians brain.

 Dr. Eric Rasmussen –“There’s some good neuroscience research that children involved in music have larger growth of neural activity than people not in music training. When you’re a musician and you’re playing an instrument, you have to be using more of your brain

A good way to start kids in music is with basic percussion. Below are a few of the items we have in stock, feel free to come and see our whole range.




Hand bells

Sleigh Bells






Steel Drums


27 Key Glockenspiel

27 Key Glockenspiel

25 Key Glockenspiel

37 Key Wood Xylaphone