Allen Organs

With hundreds of installations country-wide, Allen Organs South Africa carries the banner of quality, craftsmanship and technological superiority. For more than sixty years – practically the entire history of electronic organs – Allen Organ Company has built the finest organs that technology would allow.

CF-4 Allen Organ

  • Medium oak finish console with locking roll top
  • English, Baroque, French and Classic Allen voicing
  • Matching bench
  • 32-note compact concave radiating pedalboard
  • Expression pedals to Swell, Gt/Ped
  • Clear acrylic music rack
  • Industry standard tracker-touch keyboards
  • Bass Coupler
  • Black piston strips and black keycheeks
  • Capture Pistons: 4 memories, 6 thumb pistons to Gt/Ped, 6 thumb pistons to Swell, 10 generals
  • Stop-By-Stop and Note-By-Note voicing capabilities
  • Advanced MIDI compatible with GM, XG and GS MIDI
  • 12-Key Transposer

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