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What is a PA system

PA stands for public address system ( Sound reinforcement ). The PA system amplifies the performers sound electronically to get the sound to the audience. It consists out of several components, they vary but tend to handle the same functions.

  • Converting acoustic audio to digital signal – Microphones / line inputs
  • Processing and mixing the signal – mixing consoles / effects units
  • Amplifying signal with internal or external amplifier
  • Playing back the sound – speakers

Speakers play a critical role in sound quality in live performance. There are several factors that needs to be taken into consideration.

The size of the venue where you are playing normally determent’s the size and wattage of the speakers to use. Smaller venues will need between 300 and 500 watts while large venues will need at least 500 to 1000 watts. Then the more people you have in the venue, the more sound you’ll need. Bodies are great sound absorbers. Then the type of music that gets played, if its a comfortable acoustic set or some calming classical music you will need less volume, but if its some prog metal or heavy rock music you will definitely need to have more volume. The portability and transportation will also need to be taken into consideration.

Active speakers has a built in power amplifier and crossover and just needs a power source (or battery) to operate. Other than the speaker itself, you only need a sound source and bobs your uncle. The active speaker has simplified the pa market. But isn’t always the best option for larger pa installations and complex permanent installations in venues and auditoriums.

Passive speakers require an external power amplifier to operate. And sometimes crossovers. In bigger installations its good to have separate components because of the power you are dealing with.

Bi-amplification is when a signal get split into higher and lower frequencies. The low frequencies go to the larger driver ( woofer ) where the higher frequencies go the the smaller driver ( tweeter )

FBT X Lite 15A built-in Class D amplifier modules providing an amazing 1000W of power to satisfy the most demanding applications, whilst the user-friendly DSP allows 4 x EQ preset selection to perfectly tailor the performance of your X-LITE to your sound requirements. 
The LD Maui 28 G2 All-in-one column speaker for PA and monitor applications · 2,000 watts peak Class-D system power offer high performance with a low weight and Powerful bass. With the integrated 4-channel mixer, system presets for mono or stereo configuration and Bluetooth® Audio Streaming
The Hybrid PA15B 15”Battery Powered Portable System 300W peak power. Bluetooth, USB, Wireless VHF Microphone. Bass, Mid and Treble EQ Controls. Aux Input (RCA and 3.5mm Jack), External Mic input.75 Watt RMS.


  • Cables
  • Covers and bags
  • Speaker Stands
The HERCULES Stage Series Speaker Stand SS200BB Pack includes two Tripod Base Speakers Stands SS200BB and the carrying bag.

Heavy duty Samson SP100 telescoping speaker stand with tripod base · Lightweight, aluminum construction · Sleek black finish · Adjustable up to 6′ in height 

Heavy duty Samson SP100 telescoping speaker stand with tripod base · Lightweight, aluminum construction · Sleek black finish · Adjustable up to 6′ in height