Musica Repairs

Musica’s in-house repair shop caters for guitar and bass repairs. The shop is also equipped to deal with basic string instrument repairs and electronic repairs. We have a professional brass repairer on call to sort out any brass repairs. Specialised cables can be made up to your specifications.

You can bring your guitar in for:

  • Restringing
  • Strap buttons
  • Setups
  • Electronic repairs

Musica carries an extensive selection of parts for guitars and basses.

You can bring violins and cello’s in for:

  • Cleaning
  • Bridge Setup
  • Restringing
  • Nut replacements
  • Fine tuner installations
  • General Set-ups

Musica carries strings, bridges, nuts, fine tuners and all other string accessories.

You can bring your brass and woodwinds in for:

  • Cleaning
  • Valve repairs
  • Valve Guide replacements
  • Leaking pads
  • Pad replacements
  • And other general services

Musica carries pads, valve guides, valves, valve springs and all other accessories.