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Classical Guitar

The classical guitar is a member of the guitar family used in classical music with a hollow body that amplifies the string vibrations. An wooden string instrument with strings made of gut or nylon (in the past, they were strung with strings made from animal gut) . The nylon strings of a classical guitar are a lot thicker and mellower or softer sounding than those of a steel string. The guitar is tuned in perfect fourths and major thirds. So running ascending e, a, d, g, b, e. It’s a very easy pick up and go option and much softer on the fingers. Often classical guitars are a little cheaper than their acoustic cousins, which is why many beginners start with a classical guitar first. And smaller sizes are easily available.  If you like Gypsy Kings style music, Flamenco or Spanish guitar, the classical guitar is perfect for you.

Cort Ac100 Classical Guitar

Acoustic Guitar

An acoustic/ dreadnaught guitar is a musical instrument in the guitar family with a hollow body that amplifies the string vibrations. In general an acoustic guitar doesn’t need amplification to be heard, although newer models have built in pick-ups and tuners. It’s got frets embedded in the fingerboard, which on pressing will change the length of the string and in turn create a note. The necks tend to be narrower and more rounded than on nylon string guitars. The metal strings give these guitars a much brighter, treble-focused sound that projects at louder volumes. Most contemporary guitarists prefers steel string guitars.

The Cort AF590MF is a Concert body-size acoustic with a ringing tone that’s ideal for fingerstyle blues and country music styles as well as single-note soloing in a variety of musical settings. The Mahogany top, back and sides produce a focused midrange-rich sound that will cut through the mix. The black open pore finish feels great to the touch for comfort and enhanced playability.

Electric Guitar

The solid-body electrical guitar gets its volume from the magnetic pickup installed within its body. This pickup responds to the vibration of strings, transforming the energy into electrical impulses that are sent to an amplifier over a shielded cable.  The amplifier converts the electric signal into sound ( amplifies it ) and plays it. The tone and volume of the sound are also adjusted on the instrument or on the amplifier during this process. In other words, an electric guitar requires an amplifier before it can really be considered to be an instrument for playing music.

Ibanez RGD IX6 Locking túners, dimarzio fusion edge pickups.

Electric Basses

A bass guitar is typically a four-stringed instrument that resembles an electric guitar, but with the same tuning as an upright bass. The strings of a bass are E, A, D and G. The bass guitar has replaced the upright bass in popular music ever since the 1960’s. Bass bodies are typically made of wood, although they can be made of graphite or other light materials. The most common types of wood used for the bodies are alder, ash, or mahogany. The fingerboards are longer than that of an electric guitar, and are typically made of maple, rosewood or ebony. Frets are another important area of a bass design, as most basses feature between 20–35 frets and some come without frets.

Cort B5 Plus MH offers uncompromising quality for the discriminating musician with high value and performance. Featuring bolt-on construction for a warm open sound with great sonic dispersion, the B5 Plus MH is the modern bass with classic features and sound.

Guitar Amps and Pedals

Effect pedals usually take the form of small metal box which sit on the floor in front of you. These can be switched on and off using your feet. Hence, pedals. The technology contained within these pedals is designed to alter your tone in any number of ways. For example, cleaning it up and making it louder through to adding layers of wah, delays etc. You also get multi effects pedals, they combine multi effects in one box. More detail is available on the different type of effects. The Boss Blues Driver BD2 is one of the most popular pedals currently.

Guitar amps are basically boxes with speakers built in to amplify the sound created by the pick-up on the electric guitar or bass. It has control settings on the top to adjust the gain, volume, treble and bass. Fender Bassbreaker on the right.


The ukulele is part of the lute family. Its similar in built to the classical guitar just much smaller. ukuleles have four strings and the standard tuning is G, C, E, A. Not only are you missing two strings, but you also have completely different keys on each of those four strings. That means that you simply can’t transfer chords and scales from a guitar to a ukulele. The instrument commonly comes in four sizes: soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone.

PukanaLa PU-STS “Summer” Tattoo Series Sapele Mahogany Soprano Ukulele


The banjo is an instrument that started in Sub-Saharan Africa. The stringed instrument consists out of a cavity, covered with a stretched skin on which the bridge rests. It has a neck with tuner pegs on the end for tuning the strings. The skin makes the banjo project very well. You get a 4 and 5 sytring banjo. Tuning is G4 D3 G3 B3 D4

Ibanez B50 Banjo Crafted with an armada of features like a mahogany neck, back, rim, and sides, a single coordinator rod, and open gear tuners, the Ibanez B50 Banjo captures the best facets of the instrument with an attractive price point. 


The mandolin is a small stringed instrument from the lute family. There are three common types: the rounded pear shape body type, flat back type and carved top type. It has a double set of four metal strings. This creates almost a tremolo sound. The most common tuning is the same as a violin G3, D4, A4, E5

The Ibanez M510E A-STYLE Acoustic-Electric Mandolin has a unique, crisp sound that projects well, whether it’s played acoustically or via the single coil magnetic pickup.


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