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The transverse flute was a natural evolution after the recorder and other basic flutes made from wood and bone. The flute is made from metal and in the 19th century flute makers started experimenting with key systems. The current padded key system is called the Boehm system. The standard concert flute is pitched in the key of C, and has a range of approximately 3 octaves. The flute family includes the piccolo, alto, tenor, bass and contrabass flute. The flutes mouthpiece or embouchure is part of the flute and not a separate entity as in all the other woodwind instruments. The flute is made up of the headjoint, body and footjoint. The flute is a woodwind instrument, despite being made of metal and not having a reed.

The flute requires more air than any other instrument, including the tuba.

Jupiter Flute

Pearl Solid Silver Quantz Flute

Pearl Alto Flute


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